whole grain french toast

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5 pieces whole-wheat bread
4 eggs
1/3 cup milk, (or heavy cream)
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
butter, for cooking
pure maple syrup, for serving

Serves 4

Nutritional Info

It would be difficult to accurately post nutritional information here because it basically depends on the type of ingredients you use but I will post some general information based on the posted recipe that I used. I’m suspicious of its accuracy based on the carb numbers so please adjust accordingly.

Nutritional facts:
Whole wheat French toast

Calories 66
Fat 4 g
Cholesterol 133 mg
Sodium 62 mg
Potassium 70 mg
Carbohydrate 2 g
Protein 5 g



  1. Cut the bread into desired shape (we made triangles).
  2. Whisk together the eggs, cream or milk, and vanilla in a shallow dish.
  3. One-by-one dip the bread into the egg mixture until it is evenly coated on both sides. Let the excess run off before transferring the pieces to a plate.
  4. If you have a griddle turn it to 325 degrees F. If you don’t have a griddle don’t fret…any old sauté pan will do. If using a pan place it over medium heat.
  5. Melt a teaspoon or two of butter in your pan/griddle then add the first batch of battered bread. The key is for the finished product to be cooked all the way through by the time the outside turns brown so the heat should not be too high.
  6. Cook until golden brown on both sides. Add a little more butter for a second batch if necessary.
  7. Serve warm with pure maple syrup and a side of fruit.
  8. Enjoy!