What Gets in the Way & How to Shift It

Why is it so hard to start? We feel uncertainty, fear, stress, overwhelm about the task. Or it makes us feel bad about ourselves, inadequate in some way.

It’s like opening a box that you know is goig to cause you pain — of course you’d put off opening the box! We want to protect ourselves from that kind of stress.

We can force ourselves to touch the electric fence, but that can only last for so long. We only want to put ourselves through so much pain before we start to question why we’re making ourselves suffer.

The opportunity is in finding a new way of seeing these tasks — instead of filled with overwhelm, stress and inadequacy … can we find a more powerful way of seeing the uncertainty of this task? Can it be an opportunity, an adventure, a playground, an expression of our art? Can it be a dance of joy, a powerful way to serve others with love?

Find that for yourself. What is the opportunity of this task? What would make it meaningful and joyful?

Connect to that before you start, and things will get easier.


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